Katy Sparkle Speech Club 闪耀演讲俱乐部


Katy Sparkle Speech Club had a successful first meeting on Feb 7th, 2015 in Katy. 
9 out of 15 of its current members showed up for the meeting.

Bo Lu gave a very informative speech on strategy with the current oil price crisis.
Hua Gu
shared his inspiring personal experience on diversifying his life experience.  

All attendees had multiple opportunities to speak in the in a fun and supportive atmosphere. The club also elected club officers and conducted a few other club business.  
The club meets every other week in Katy area.

The next meeting is 2/21/2015 Saturday 8:30-10:30 PM.  This is a member only club with very few membership slots remaining.  It welcomes new ambitious members who are 100% committed to make serious effort to improve his/her speaking skills.

Please contact: liu_roc@hotmail.com

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